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  • We want to share with you an update of the Rotary International/USAgency for International Development Collaborative Grant that is bringing clean water and better health to thousands of people in the Dominican Republic.  While in the DR in early February 2012, we met with our partners and others. More interestingly, Rossy [pronounced “Rosie”] Agramonte, the grant technician responsible for overseeing installation and training, has sent us pictures which “tell the story” of what our investment is doing to change many, many lives.
  • Vocational School for the Deaf in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.
    Since 2005,we have funded the faculty for a vocational school for deaf students to help them become productive citizens.
  • Sandra’s School for Undocumented Children.
    We provide nutritious breakfasts and lunches for more than 200 children who are not eligible for government support.
  • Biosand Water Filters for 410 families.
    Through two Matching Grants, more than 6000 people now have clean water.
  • Santa Maria Radio Literacy Project.
    With the Rotary Club of La Vega Real, we raised $69,000 for a new state-of-the-art printer and, thus, tripled the number of young people who study by battery-powered radio in remote locations.
  • Formula for AIDS Babies.
    Hundreds of children’s lives were saved by purchasing formula so that the AIDS virus was not passed to them via breast feeding.
  • AIDS Facility for Puerto Plata
    Contributions made a treasured building available for a clinic in the downtown area so that more people can be helped.
  • Water Pump and Sanitation for the Woman’s Clinic in Candida Minaya
    A new level of care and sanitation were brought to the small clinic near Puerto Plata and also to the surrounding village.
  • Project Cure Supplies for Clinics in the Barrio of Puerto Plata.
    Four 50-pound boxes of medicines were flown in as extra baggage by DTC Rotarians traveling to work with the Dominicans.
  • Spanish Language Libraries for Two Schools in remote villages.
    We more than doubled the reference materials available for 2000 young students.
  • Playground Equipment for the School for the Deaf.
    With Dominican Rotarians, we purchased, placed and painted the first playground in the Puerto Plata area.